Thank you Campers and Mentors!


Now that the weekend is over, our NCOA Group Leadership wanted to take a moment and share a profound "Thank You" for the efforts made last weekend at the NCOA Fall Camp at CRC.  

The Fall Camp at CRC was a resounding success as highlighted by the numerous "thank-you's" and "kudos" from the campers, mentors and CRC coaches.  The Friday night classroom session served as a great starting point for a weekend of learning that continued until the last whistle on Sunday evening.  Thank you to James, Kyle and Tyler for a phenomenal kick-off!  

The campers were asked to cover 72 games over a 2-day period on Saturday and Sunday. With 32 campers registered and only 30 actual attendees, covering games took a tremendous effort on behalf of everyone involved.  Not only were the campers on the court, but numerous mentors including Katie Bossenmaier, Kyle Baxter, Reggie Higashi, Bill Harrigan, Mike Walters and Shiv Hundal and Vic Horton who hopped on to cover game assignments even up to the light whistle on Sunday.  

There were a number of campers who went above and beyond in covering games during the weekend; especially on Sunday as we lost campers due to injuries and other circumstances beyond our control.  A few of those names include but are not limited to: Lynn Biagi, Shaun Grady, Joseph Martin, Brett Lewis, Michael Perez, Greg Cross, Bruce Akinaka, Fetu'u Nia, Weiss Ariball and Jermaine Smith Jr, to name a few.  There were others who undoubtedly made this weekend a success.  Thank you to each and every one of you! 

Below is the link to is the Floor Position presentation provided by Tyler Phillips. Please use this resource as a means to continue your on-court development.  

Lastly, there was a grey tumbler left by one of the officials at camp.  Please send a separate email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are missing one.  

On behalf of the NCOA Leadership Team, we look forward to seeing your continued growth this season and hopefully next summer! 

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Link to Floor Coverage Presentation

by T. Phillips


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