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Sport Barclay  - Sunday, 30 June 2024 06:48

Getting started in officiating basketball can be an exciting and rewarding journey for sports enthusiasts. Here's a beginner's guide to launching your officiating career: 1. **Understand the...

Sport Barclay  - Sunday, 30 June 2024 06:46

Sport Barclay  - Sunday, 30 June 2024 06:44

Sport Barclay  - Saturday, 30 March 2024 21:11

Sport Barclay  - Saturday, 30 March 2024 21:03


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Tom Nguyen  - Sunday, 30 June 2024 06:52

Becoming a better basketball referee isn't just about knowing the rules; it's about enhancing the game experience for players, coaches, and spectators alike. Here are some tips to elevate your...

Tom Nguyen  - Sunday, 30 June 2024 06:51

Tom Nguyen  - Sunday, 30 June 2024 06:49


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Alonzo Maxwell  - Saturday, 30 March 2024 21:07

Investing in the development of our skills is crucial for personal and professional growth. Here are five strategies to help maximize skill enhancement: 1. **Set Clear Goals**: Define specific,...

Alonzo Maxwell  - Sunday, 15 October 2023 21:52

Alonzo Maxwell  - Monday, 18 September 2023 22:42

Alonzo Maxwell  - Saturday, 26 August 2023 21:28

Alonzo Maxwell  - Sunday, 20 August 2023 23:51


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Andrea Barber  - Saturday, 30 March 2024 21:09

In the realm of basketball officiating, the offseason presents a crucial opportunity for referees to maintain their physical well-being and prepare for the demands of the upcoming season. When it...

Andrea Barber  - Tuesday, 24 October 2023 20:46

Andrea Barber  - Saturday, 07 October 2023 05:27

Andrea Barber  - Monday, 04 September 2023 20:58

Andrea Barber  - Sunday, 27 August 2023 09:31


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Alonzo Maxwell  - Thursday, 21 September 2023 01:57

Check this one out as well.  Please comment.

Alonzo Maxwell  - Thursday, 21 September 2023 01:37

NCOA Editor  - Tuesday, 19 September 2023 04:55
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Blake Roskelley  - Sunday, 29 October 2023 19:03

  “Did You Know?” – NCOA Basketball Rules Gazette – 2023/24 Edition 2 Greetings, fellow basketball officials! Welcome to the second edition of the NCOA’s "Did You Know?" newsletter,...

Blake Roskelley  - Tuesday, 24 October 2023 19:03
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 The National Federation of State High School Associations is the body that writes the rules of competition for most high school sports and activities in the United States. NFHS's headquarters are located in White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.
nfhslivestreamimage_8e7b0.jpegThe NFHS Network
The NFHS Network is a joint venture of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), its member State Associations and PlayOn!.[2] The NFHS is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is the national leadership organization for high school sports and performing arts activities. PlayOn! manages the day-to-day operations of the NFHS Network, which delivers live and on demand high school events at as well as through mobile apps.dsfdfew_3144e.jpeg
School Broadcast Program
The NFHS Network created the School Broadcast Program (SBP) to provide member high schools with educational tools to help grow their own broadcast programs and assist the network with producing regular season games.[3] Each school has a branded site on the NFHS Network that allows students to produce and distribute event videos throughout the year, including regular season sports, graduations, memorials, announcements and plays. The program provides students with hands-on production and broadcast experience while also promoting their high school, and also enables schools to earn money for programs.