Now that's a Travel


Being a basketball referee often means hitting the road frequently, traveling to different venues and clocking in miles. Your car becomes an essential companion in this journey, making its reliability crucial. To ensure it stays dependable, regular maintenance is key.

Firstly, establish a consistent maintenance schedule. Keep track of oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks. Staying on top of these basics extends your car's lifespan and reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns during travels to games.

Furthermore, pay attention to warning signs. Don’t ignore that odd noise or the blinking dashboard light. Addressing issues promptly prevents minor problems from snowballing into major ones, ensuring your car's reliability on the road.

Consider it an investment in your officiating career. Keeping your car in top condition not only enhances safety but also minimizes disruptions to your schedule, allowing you to focus on the game instead of worrying about car troubles.

Lastly, maintain a contingency plan. Have roadside assistance contacts handy and carry essential tools or emergency supplies. Being prepared mitigates stress during unexpected breakdowns, ensuring you're never sidelined from officiating duties.

In the referee's world, reliable transportation is the linchpin. By staying proactive with maintenance and heeding your car's warnings, you ensure a smooth journey to each game, reinforcing your commitment to the court and the game you love.

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